We take care of all the details, so you don’t have to

Renting your investment property is not without effort, but it can be done with ease. Partnering with a local property manager means it doesn’t have to be a worry inducing, stress filled experience. We do all the heavy lifting. Project managing everything you could possibly think of, and even the things you haven’t thought of, is what we love to do. With all the time you’ll save, you can focus on the things you love to do.

Investment Advice

Tenant Matching

Regular Updates

Issue Resolution

Property Maintenance

Legal Compliance

Rent Collection

Tenant Retention

Property Inspections

Our home is your home

Tenant Scouring, Selection and Support

Find and keep the best tenants

We source, screen, match and support tenants who treat your home like it’s their own. You know the saying about the needle in a hay stack? Well that’s what a great tenant is. Without the means and skill to find and keep them, you can get stuck in a cycle of tenant turnover. Not only does this cost money, it takes time and is incredibly stressful. Our average tenant tenure is five years. Great tenants stay in properties managed by us because we focus on developing a positive relationship. We’re responsive to needs and go the extra mile to make sure your property feels like their home.

Property Maintenance

It’s a work in progress, but it doesn’t have to be hard work

Ensuring a well-presented and maintained investment property that’s appealing, comfortable and safe isn’t something you can just do once and never think of again. If you don’t keep your finger on the pulse of property maintenance it can cost you time, money and cause unnecessary stress. But it doesn’t have to be hard work. That’s where we come in. From getting your property ready for market to working with tenants, trades and partners to keep it in tip top condition, we look after it all.

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Investment Management

Maximise the profitability of your investment

Passive income. Time freedom. Every property investors dream. But is it reality? It certainly can be when you choose a property manager who knows their stuff and makes sure they know you too. We focus on understanding your goals, share all our investment management secrets and provide personalised service. With quality processes in place to back it all up, we support you on the path to achieving your ultimate goal by maximising rental returns, minimising costs and saving you time.

Frequently asked questions

You certainly can. It all depends on how much time and energy you have available to spend on it. There’s more to managing a property than most people realise. There’s the obvious things like finding a tenant and collecting rent, but there’s so much more you need to do. Here’s a snapshot of what we do to give you an idea;

  • Understand, stay on top of, and comply with any changes in Queensland Government legislative requirements
  • Find trustworthy, quality trades and service providers to help get your property ready for market and manage ongoing maintenance
  • Use effective advertising and marketing strategies to ensure maximum exposure
  • Host open homes
  • Ask prospective tenants the right questions and conduct references, so you make the best choice
  • Manage the process of lease sign up and renewal
  • Set and adjust rent in line with the market. Communicate rental increases, manage rent collection and address arrears
  • Keep great tenants by regularly communicating, meeting their day to day needs and responding to emergencies
  • Conduct entry, exit and regular inspections, and address maintenance issues

No. Quite the opposite in fact. Firstly, being local means we’ve well and truly got our finger on the local market pulse. With an office in Varsity Lakes and a portfolio across the Gold Coast, Logan and Scenic Rim, we’re on top of rental prices in these areas. This ensures you get the best market price possible. When it comes to property maintenance, we have long standing relationships with local trades and service providers who we’ve met, know well and trust. So you can relax in the knowledge that providers will actually turn up, do the job, and do it exceptionally well. And in terms of support, a smaller local portfolio means that we’re incredibly responsive to tenant and owner needs so that issues are quickly resolved, in person if needed, before they become major problems.

You can if you like, but you don’t have to. As a client, you’d have immediate access to the best trades and services available across the Gold Coast, Logan and Scenic Rim. We’ve met them all, know them well, and trust them to turn up, do the job and do it exceptionally well. Quick fixes aren’t their style. They’re true problem solvers who take the time to deliver quality workmanship that saves you time and money in the long run. Add to that regular inspections and a well maintained maintenance roster, and you’re property maintenance is totally taken care of.

Here’s a spotlight of some of our partners to give you an idea.

Dowsett Homes: Caine Dowsett is our building specialist. Qualified with over 20 years’ experience in building, maintenance and renovations. Dowsett can help you work through problems and provide creative ideas to increase the market value of your investment property.

Less Pest: Ryan and Rachel are leading local pest controller specialists based on the Gold Coast.  They’re ready and willing to help you eradicate pests, rodents, termites and other nasties.

Extreme Carpet Clean: Marty and Tracy are experienced renovators. We use Marty to clean carpets and support our builder with general home maintenance.

Esteem Realty: Thinking about adding to your investment property portfolio, or perhaps considering selling? Ally can support you with all things sales.

We use many more qualified trades, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Absolutely. We’re experienced in QCAT hearings and proceedings and of course, we’re local. So we know who the other local experts are in these specialist areas. We’re more than happy to share their details with you.

A set and forget approach isn’t going to help you maximise the financial return on your investment property. That’s why we recommend having an investment review at least every two to three years. The best part is we offer it for free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. We focus on categorisation, appraisal and delegation.

Categorisation: First we figure out what type of investment property owner you are. For example, are you a first time investor or seasoned with a multi-property portfolio? From here, we’re able to work together to set clear goals to ensure you achieve what you want.

Appraisal: Then we’ll do a full review of your investment and identify improvement strategies to maximise results. For example, how to keep good tenants or improve rental return.

Delegation: Finally, we’ll help you decide what jobs you should be prioritising and what can be taken off your plate, so you can achieve an even better investment return.

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