We put people first and deliver results

At Sunset Heights Property Management and Sales, we stand for living life to the full. A life where we’re truly seen, heard and supported to achieve our goals, together. Property owners, tenants, our partners, us – a community. Built on mutual respect, authenticity, trust and co-operation.

We look after an owners home like it’s our own. To us, your home is our home. And we want tenants to feel like the property they live in truly feels like their home. To us, it is your home. You’re both part of our family, and we’re part of your support team.

Just like you, we’re real people. We’re not always perfect, but we are proactive and dedicated to delivering tangible value. We support you with kindness and compassion. Empower you with knowledge and solutions. Every step of the way. A positive experience on the path to fulfilling your goals is possible.

Combining professionalism with meaningful purpose, we’re driving a powerful wave of change in the real estate industry. Because we know, change begins at home.


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How we help

By putting you first, we deliver exceptional results.

Our Gold Coast, Logan and Scenic Rim properties spend less time on the market. Issues between tenants and owners are resolved before they become problems. Tenants feel at home, they stay longer and owners realise the full potential of their property’s profitability.

It’s win-win-win.

Who we are

We’re experts

We know our stuff and we’re more than happy to freely share it, so you can make the most of our expertise.

We’re committed

Dedicated is an understatement. Above and beyond is the better way to describe the lengths we’ll go to help you achieve your goals.

We’re compassionate

Everything we do is done with a people first mindset. We create and nurture respectful relationships with everyone. Our owners, tenants and partners.

We’re authentic

But more than that, we’re real people comfortable with being our brilliant selves. Genuinely caring and considerate of your needs.

We’re a team

Actually, more like a family really. We care about each other and you. We’ll wholeheartedly support you, but we’re ok if you don’t want to hang out with us every week.

We’re remarkable

The way we do things isn’t common. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’re the only ones. And we’re incredibly proud of this fact.

Our Team

Our Varsity Lakes team looks after owners and tenants across the Gold Coast, Logan and the Scenic Rim.

Kelly Walsham
Kelly Walsham


Kelly does things differently. Combining over five years of exceptional results in Queensland real estate with a former life in social services and a psychology degree, Kelly puts people first. Her service focused approach ensures issues are resolved before they become problems, tenants are happy and owners maximise investment return.

photo of Caine Dowsett
Caine Dowsett
Owner, Experienced Builder and Carpenter
Caine Dowsett
Owner, Experienced Builder and Carpenter

Building is in Caine’s DNA. Following in his father’s footsteps (a 40 year veteran of the Gold Coast building industry), Caine looks after all things property maintenance. With over 20 years’ experience he’s a skilled tradesperson, consummate communicator and perfect professional. With Caine on your team, you can relax knowing your home is in experienced hands.

image of Narelle Qualischefski in the office
Administration Manager
Administration Manager

A mainstay in the office, Narelle is part of the furniture. In a good way of course! With an eye for detail and organisation unlike anything you’ve ever seen, Narelle keeps the wheels turning. Dependable, efficient and loved by clients. We’re sure you’ll love her too.

Our Sales Partner

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